Green Room Live - Bethany Sherman of OG Analytical - June 30th

Green Room Live - Bethany Sherman of OG Analytical - June 30th


Bethany Sherman is the Executive Director and Founder of OG Analytical, providing comprehensive cannabis testing services, helping dispensaries, growers, producers, and consumers ensure the safety and quality of cannabis and cannabis-related products.

The regulation of cannabis that will be sold to the public is complicated and constantly changing, and recently there have been major regulatory changes. Bethany will be talking about those changes and how to navigate them.

Even if you grow without pesticides you are still at risk from cross-contamination from neighboring fields or things you might not have even thought of, like your cat's flea collar!

If you grow for rec. or medical distribution this will be a chance to learn about new regulations, ways to produce a clean crop, and a chance to present your questions to one of the smartest and most well-informed people in the industry.

To learn more about OG Analytical, visit their website at:


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