Green Room Live - Cultured Biologix and Fullon with Nectar for the Gods at Scale - March 23rd

Green Room Live - Cultured Biologix and Fullon with Nectar for the Gods at Scale - March 23rd

Integrating Fullon and Cultured Biologix in a Nectar for the Gods Grow at Commercial Scale

In the current industry climate producing a premium-grade product is more than an aspiration–it is a crucial factor in getting a good price for your crop and securing the long-term economic success of your business.

Using Nectar for the Gods inputs along with microbials and micronutrients is a great way to produce top-shelf product, but it is very different from growing with synthetic nutrients and even rich soil methods. It can seem daunting but there are farmers having great success using these methods.

“Pig Farmer” from Heroes of the Farm has pioneered methods of using these natural and bio-available nutrients in large-scale grows. He will be sharing these methods and techniques for growing top-shelf product on a larger scale.

Joining “Pig” will be Rob Christiansen, President of Grow Switch the makers of Fullon and Tim McCormick, President of Cultured Biologix. Together they will be talking about using natural inputs to produce top-quality product, economically, while maintaining yield. They will also be sharing practical information on integrating their products into a Nectar for the Gods Grow as well as how their products can be useful with synthetic nutrients.

This is great opportunity to meet some of the people who are not only crafting solutions to these problems, but also shaping the conversation around the practical and regulatory issues in this industry.

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