Green Room Live - Dr. Mike Amaranthus of Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc. - April 7th

Green Room Live - Dr. Mike Amaranthus of Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc. - April 7th

Dr. Michael Amaranthus, Ph.D. is adjunct associate professor at Oregon State University and President, Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc. Dr. Amaranthus has authored over 70 scientific papers on mycorrhizal fungi and their uses. He has received the Department of Agriculture’s highest honors for scientific achievement and been featured on several national television broadcasts.

Mycorrhizae is fungus that grows in association with the roots of a plant in a symbiotic relationship. Understanding how mycorrhizae effects your plants is an essential part of getting the most out of your garden. Dr. Mike Amaranthus is a pioneer and leader in studying and educating about Mycorrhizae. He will be our guest for Green Room Live and he will be talking about what mycorrhizae is, it’s relationship with plants and how you can use it to grow a better garden.

This will be an interactive presentation, sponsored by BigFoot Mycorrhizae. Dr. Mike will be answering questions during and after his presentation and have a microscope with him so that you can actually see Mycorrhizae. This is a rare opportunity to hear and meet Dr. Mike in an informal setting.

To learn more about BigFoot Mycorrhizae, visit their website at:

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