Green Room Live - Dr. Robert Faust of BioAg - May 5th

Green Room Live - Dr. Robert Faust of BioAg - May 5th

Robert Faust attended the University of Delaware College of agriculture. His major was entomology and applied ecology. Later he received a B.S degree from University of the State of N.Y, an accredited university in Albany, N.Y. His Masters of Science is in Agronomy where his thesis was field research on the use of ecological and organic methods for crop production and the use of humates and bio-based fertilizers in large-scale production in Idaho. The studies and research were under the supervision of Professor John I. Mosher who was Robert Faust's mentor for his M.S and PhD studies.

Dr. Faust is a leading expert in agroecology providing integrated services throughout the world including the United States, Egypt, Belize, Jamaica and Mexico to assist in reducing dependency on chemical fertilizers and pesticides using new biotechnology and foliar fertilizers to increase crop yields and create sustainable systems.

Dr. Faust will be talking about fulvic acid, its recent recognition by the State of Oregon, the test to show its presence in products and how you can modify and enhance plants with fulvic and humic acid.

To learn more about Faust Bio-Agricultural Services, Inc (BioAg), visit their website at:

BioAg Ful-Power is available for purchase from Oregon's Constant Gardener HERE

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