Green Room Live - Teaming with Living Soil - April 20th

Green Room Live - Teaming with Living Soil - April 20th


"Teaming with Living Soil" with special guests Jeff Lowenfels and Dr. Mike Amaranthus

Friday, April 20th - 11AM & 4PM
Eugene Store Location - 990 Garfield Street

This event is made possible with the help and generous sponsorship of Big Foot Mycorrhizae and Nectar for the Gods.

Mr. Lowenfels and Dr. Amaranthus have been pioneers in taking the complex subject of how microorganisms in our soil affect the growth of plants and making it understandable, and more importantly giving practical advice on how to use that information to grow healthier and more abundant plants.

Jeff Lowenfels’ three books (The Teaming Trilogy) are the pre-eminent guides to understanding living soil and the food-soil web.

Dr. Mike Amaranthus has traveled the world speaking about Mycorrhizal Fungi and their role in plant growth and health.

This is a rare opportunity to see two giants in the field of living soil in an intimate setting with a small crowd and the chance to meet and talk to them in a relaxed setting.

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