Green Room Live - Mark Ervin of GreenGro Biologicals - July 21st

Green Room Live - Mark Ervin of GreenGro Biologicals - July 21st

Mark Ervin is the President and Chief Operating Officer of GreenGro, formulating and developing their line of green biological fertilizer products. He has been in the industry a long time and is an expert in natural and sustainable growing practices that promote healthy living soil and strong and resilient plants.

Mark will be talking about the entire GreenGro line of natural, organic soil additives, the beneficial microorganisms they contain, and farming and gardening practices that promote a living soil environment for your plants.

GreenGro states, "The most important concept to our company is the idea of a living soil. Just as the ocean is full of life, soil is also teaming with a vast array of organisms that endure and rely on a symbiotic relationship. Our products all contain these beneficial microorganisms that will help your soil flourish, and promoting a living soil system for plants to thrive in."

For more information about GreenGro Biologicals, visit their website at:

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