Green Room Live - Marty Carskadon of Titan Controls - March 10th

Green Room Live - Marty Carskadon of Titan Controls - March 10th

Marty Carskadon is a 4th generation Oregonian. He graduated with a B.S. in English from Seattle University. His start with electrical components and products came at All American Semiconductor. They are a national distributor of componentry used in the computer and electronics industry. He worked there as a general manager. His experience in the indoor gardening industry started when he made the move to Green Air Products. He brought his background from All American there to help design and aid in the manufacturing process of the products built by them as the general manager. Marty spent 8 years at Green Air before making the move to Sunlight Supply to help aid in the development and launch of the Titan Controls. He has now been at Sunlight Supply for 8 years and counting, managing and furthering the Titan Controls product line. He currently holds 3 issued patents that are directly related to the Titan Controls line.

Titan Controls is the premier brand of environmental controls in the horticultural market today. Their professional series products are almost exclusively built in Vancouver, WA using powder coated metal chassis’ that they fabricate in their metal production shop in Woodland, WA. The brand has been in the market for 8 years now and boasts over 80 different and unique controllers. Marty's job with Titan Controls is to act as the business unit manager. This includes but is not limited to: product procurement, design, development, manufacturing processes, customer service training, technical service rep training, sales promotion, marketing direction, etc.

He is calling the course being covered: “Titan 101”. He’ll be going over the line in full, talking about some of the nuances of Titan's different products, why they do them and what makes them different from the competition.

For more information about Titan Controls, a Division of Sunlight Supply, visit their website at:

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