Green Room Live - Moriah LaChapell and Joshua Vlach - February 16th

Green Room Live - Moriah LaChapell and Joshua Vlach - February 16th

Common Cannabis Pests, Integrated Pest Management, and Regulatory Compliance

Moriah LaChapell (Licensed Pest Management Consultant) and Joshua Vlach (Oregon Department of Agriculture, Entomologist) will be our guests for Green Room Live on Friday, February 16th, 2018 at 1:00 PM at the Eugene location of Oregon’s Constant Gardener.

They will be talking about common pests in cannabis crops including russet mites and the newly identified cannabis-specific aphid. They will be speaking specifically about identifying and dealing with these pests in a way that maximizes crop yield, and stays within environmental and product testing regulations.

In addition to talking about specific pest threats, they will be talking more generally about building and maintaining a proactive system for managing pests, and producing a crop that will pass pesticide residue inspections.

Joshua will also be looking for input from the audience to help the Oregon Department of Agriculture to develop methods and programs, so that they can be more helpful to Oregon’s growers.

At the end of the presentation, Moriah and Joshua will be taking questions from the audience. They will also stay for a while after the program to meet and talk with the attendees.

This is great opportunity to meet some of the people who are not only crafting solutions to these problems, but also shaping the conversation around the practical and regulatory issues in this industry.

Thank you for your interest in learning and growing with OCG! See you Friday!

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