Green Room Live - Nikhil Parulkar for Blumat - April 21st

Green Room Live - Nikhil Parulkar for Blumat - April 21st

Nikhil Parulkar has been working with Sustainable Village, the distribution company for Blumat, since 2013 when he first found out about it while repping Nectar in Michigan. Since then he has not only used it in his personal gardens but has set up many OMMP and OLCC licensed facilities.

Nikhil says, "I chose to work with Blumats because I personally believe that gardeners have a tendency to over water plants and this system allows for each plant to be controlled individually, which in commercial facilities equates to time, water, and overall nutrient savings. The Blumat System is a constant pressure or gravity-based system that administers water when the soil dries up from plants drinking and shuts off when the soil is rehydrated."

Blumat Automated Watering Systems:

  • Keep your plants optimally watered 24/7 - even when you're away on vacation!
  • Stop flushing nutrients out of the soil.
  • Save up to 95% of the water used in conventional systems.
  • Protect premium and delicate plants from over/under irrigation.

Nikhil will be speaking on the Blumat technology and science as well as installation and implementation.

For more information about Blumat Automated Watering Systems, visit their website at:

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