Green Room Live - Rob Christiansen of FULLON - August 18th

Green Room Live - Rob Christiansen of FULLON - August 18th

Rob Christiansen is President of Grow Switch, LLC, the producers of FULLON, a proprietary nano-based biostimulant that sets new levels of nutrient uptake and utilization, boosting plants' ability to efficiently convert nutrients into new cell growth.

Benefits include: Improved drought and pest resistance, increased yields, flush cycles reduced from weeks to days, higher brix production and nutrient density and is effective in all growing environments and nutrient regimens.

We love having Rob in the store discussing how this dynamic product works like a super-effective transporter moving nutrients into the plant, very efficiently because of the minuscule nano size (quantum angstrom) allowing it to enter into plant cells with ease resulting in increased photosynthesis!

Join us this Friday to have your questions answered about how FULLON can improve your soil health and increase cation-exchange-capacity (CEC) with every application to help to maximize and express your plants' full genetic potential. Higher brix, increased nutrient density, faster plant growth gives FULLON Growers a distinct advantage in every market, so you want to be here for this presentation!

For more information about FULLON by Grow Switch, visit their website at:



FULLON is available for purchase from Oregon's Constant Gardener!

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