Green Room Live - Sean Bundy of Grain Fed Worm Castings - March 24th

Green Room Live - Sean Bundy of Grain Fed Worm Castings - March 24th

Sean Bundy has been an indoor gardener for over a decade and as he began producing his own soil, he learned the importance of worms in soil production. At that time, he transitioned from retail soil to being a worm farmer and Grain Fed Worm Castings was created. Realizing the crucial role worms play in soil and plant health, his journey has been a consistent adjustment and learning process. Sean says, “Worm farming is not an exact science. I'm always trying to improve the food sources we give the worms. I’ve learned that using grains and their seeds create an optimum environment for the worms. I've also learned there are few brand-name worm castings out there that come directly from the worm farmer. We will never outsource casting and we will always provide a fresh product. This is how we stand out."

Sean will be speaking on the difference between manure base worm castings and grain and vegetable base castings, focusing on some of the nutritional attributes of grain and the evolution to using whole plant grains and the benefit of those seeds and soil recycling using worm castings.

For more information about Grain Fed Worm Castings, visit their website at:

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