Nectar for the Gods Soil Facility Expansion!

Nectar for the Gods Soil Facility Expansion!

"Over the past twelve months, we at Oregon’s Only have been developing a new piece of property and have acquired new equipment to allow us to increase our production line up to 20 times the volume as before.

With this new facility we are now in the position to be able to offer our Nectar soils to the nation. So as of October 2016, we are proud to announce that we are now wholesaling Nectar Soil through Sunlight Supply, National Garden Wholesale.

Expanding? Doesn’t that usually mean that the product will change due to the increase of volume being produced? As we were exploring our options to increase the production rates of our mediums, we faced the options to either increase mixing capacity, or bagging capabilities. Since we are a company that believes in quality over quantity we took the approach that we needed the capabilities to bag the soil faster.

As we designed our new system, we decided that our blends weren’t broken and we were a little nervous to try and scale up our recipes to make larger batches. So instead of buying a fancy continuous mixer, or 8-12 yard batch mixers, we opted for the exact same mixers that we built our recipes on. But instead of one 4 cubic yard mixer, we have expanded our production line to include four 4 yard mixers. With this capacity we are now able to produce over 200 pallets a day if we are really pushing it.

Do machines do it all now? Not really. There are still many facets of the manufacturing process that we are still doing by hand. We are still manually sifting our humus and castings. We are still washing our coir fiber with rain water (when available) and limestone. We still hand stack the pallets and measure out all of the nutrient packs all by hand. The expansion of the soil yard did entail the purchasing of a lot of equipment, but it also entailed employing 8 more people to run those machines. No one lost their jobs during the automation of this division." ~ Oregon's Only

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