New Feeding Regimens for Nectar for the Gods

New Feeding Regimens for Nectar for the Gods

Nectar for the Gods has a new feeding schedule for their nutrient line. In-fact not just one, but three new schedules, and “it was about time” says Scott Ostrander the owner of Oregon’s Only (The Makers of Nectar for the Gods).

Nectar for the Gods, new Feeding Regimens

The Feeding Schedule hasn’t been updated in years and while the information on the chart was still timely it didn’t reflect the philosophy of the company.

The old schedule has three sections: Simple, Advanced and Pro. Giving the impression that you start with simple and as you become more experienced with the line you move to Advanced and then to Pro, but that isn’t how Scott thinks it should be.

Instead of the old charts Simple, Advanced and Pro sections the new charts have three Regimens that have their own chart and represent three different philosophies of gardening.


“I wanted to take the labels off… the old chart has three sections: simple, advanced and pro and I think people felt that unless you were using the Pro you weren’t getting the full benefit of the line. That’s not true, many gardeners get great results from the basic four products, and most are best served using the Greek Regimen. You don’t need to use every single product, you need to use what works for you and your garden. I own the company and have access to all the products for a really great price and still don’t use everything all of the time.”

– Scott Ostrander – Owner, Oregon’s Only – Nectar for the Gods


The Spartan Regimen four nutrients give you everything you need to grow a bountiful harvest with a simple easy to follow routine.

Nectar for the Gods Spartan Regimen

The Greek Regimen is a sophisticated nutrient program that will efficiently produce excellent results without over-complicating the process. This is the Regimen we recommend for most gardeners.

Nectar for the Gods Greek Regimen

The Roman Regimen is a very aggressive feeding regimen not just for fast and abundant growth but also to give you the tools to fine tune the color, texture, taste and aroma of your produce.

Nectar for the Gods Roman Regimen

Nectar for the Gods hasn’t distributed these feeding charts yet but we got a sneak peek at them. We have included links to printable version. Try them out and let us know what you think.

The Spartan Regimen Printable

The Greek Regimen Printable

The Roman Regimen Printable

Oregon’s Constant Gardener carries the full line of Nectar for the Gods nutrients.

Complete line of Nectar for the Gods plant nutrients at Oregon's Constant Gardener

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