Since 1876, ARS Corporation has been defining the state of the art for pruning tools. ARS tools are designed to be ergonomic, perfectly balanced, and super lightweight for continued professional use. No one is better at hardening steel for pruning tools than ARS. The blades start sharp and stay sharper longer. Combining perfectly designed tools with superior sharpness produces a tool that makes work easier. Cut Above the Rest!

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ARS 380: Handy Craft, Long-Reach Bonsai Scissors
ARS 320B-T: Fruits Pruner, Straight Tip
ARS SS-240: Sharpening Stone
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ARS 320B-M: Fruits Pruner, Bended Blade
ARS 310: Fruits Pruner, Curved Blade
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ARS 300L: Fruits Pruner
ARS 300L-DX: Fruits Pruner
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ARS 120EU: Pruning Shears
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