The Bloom Kit

For building flavor and weight in the bloom phase. This kit focuses on the Nectar nutrients most suited to the bloom phase of plant growth. This is not a stand-alone kit but an addition to a base Nectar regimen like the Spartan or Comprehensive Regimens.

The kit includes all of the nutrients below as well as a laminated feeding chart:

Herculean Harvest (1 Gallon)
Aphrodite's Extraction (1 Gallon)
Bloom Khaos (1 Quart)
Persephone's Palate (1 Quart)
Triton's Trawl (1 Quart)
Mega Morpheus (1 Quart)
Olympus Up (1 Quart)

Also included: a Full-size 8oz Cultured Biologix EZ Tea: Bloom at no additional charge! (Retail Value: $27.50) and a Fullon Trial Size.


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