Earthshine Biochar Blend is a fast, easy way to boost the performance of new soil, reuse your old soil, and improve effectiveness of compost teas and Mycorrhizae products. This amazing product will save any gardener money by reducing soil costs, improving fertilizer use, and reducing water use over the gardening season. Biochar is well known for its abilities to dramatically increase soil carbon levels which directly contribute to healthy thriving soil.


Recycling old soil, boosting new soil, compost tea accelerator, and top dress micro nutrient.

Transplant: 1 tablespoon. per 6-inch potting hole
Recycling Soil: 1 pund. per 4 cubic feet of soil
Boosting New Soil: 1 pound. per 6 cubic feet
Compost Tea: 1 to 2 tablespoon. per 5 gallons
Large Application: 30 pounds will treat 1 pallet of new soil or 2 cubic yards of old soil 

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