Green Room Live - Tim McCormick of Cultured Biologix - August 4th


OCG welcomes Tim McCormick of Cultured Biologix back to our "Green Room Live" Friday Guest Speaker Series! Tim is a leader in the study and application of probiotic practices in gardening and farming and the owner of the Cultured Biologix line of microbial teas, nutrients and nurtural rooting stimulants.

Tim will be discussing and answering questions about microbial life in soil and pro-biotic gardening and farming practices. This should be an interesting and educational program for any gardener or farmer but of special interest to people who use Nectar for the Gods nutrients and soil because Tim has designed his products to work well with the unique properties of the Nectar line.

The Friday Guest Speaker Series is FREE, but seated space is limited. We recommend reserving a seat in advance. One reserved seat per person, please. Confirmation will be delivered via the email address used to make the reservation.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to maintain a timely and uninterupted starting time for our speakers' presentations, approximately 5 minutes before introductions, any unclaimed reservations will be considered open seating and released to the public.

Thank you for your interest in learning and growing with OCG! See you Friday!

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