Nectar for the Gods, The Comprehensive Feeding Regimen

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The Comprehensive Feeding Regimen

The Nectar for the Gods, Comprehensive Feeding Regimen Kit is just that, a comprehensive approach to using Nectar for the Gods. There are other things you may add to this and you can probably get away with a little less, but this is what you need to get great results in your garden.

The kit includes all of the nutrients below as well as a feeding chart and quick-start guide.

Medusa’s Magic (1 Quart): an all-in-one nutrient optimized for vegetative growth

Gaia Mania (1 Quart): an all-in-one nutrient that leans toward bloom growth but can be used full-cycle

Herculean Harvest (1 Gallon): Digested bonemeal designed to promote bigger harvests as well as a root zone flushing tool.

Olympus Up (1 Quart): a pH regulator for your nutrient mix and a pH buffer for your soil.

Athena’s Aminas (1 Gallon): a source of amino acids (the building blocks of cells)

Demeter’s Destiny (1 Quart): adds more diversity to the sources of calcium in the other nutrients in the line and also a way to make the magnesium in your soil available to your plants.

Zeus Juice (1 Quart): Humic growth catalyst

For a limited time we are also including trial-sizes of a bunch of other things that play-well with the Nectar line:

Cultured Biologix: Dr. Root, Veg. Tea, Bloom Tea

Big Foot granular mycorrhizae

Click Here to download the OCGFAM Comprehensive Feeding Regimen...

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