OCG Class - Indoor Gardening Basics - December 2nd


Saturday, December 2nd at 1:00PM
Eugene Store - 990 Garfield Street

Class Instructor: Thomas Hurd of OCG Eugene

Class Focus: Covering all the basics of getting started for our beginner indoor gardeners!

Topics Include:

  • Choosing a Space: Materials, Locations and other considerations
  • Lighting: Types, Access, Light Cycles
  • Environment: Temperature, Humidity, Controllers
  • Hydroponic Growing: Gear, Media, Delivery Methods
  • Soil Growing: Gear, Soil Composition and more!

Participants will each receive a course-related product to keep and take home to practice what they learn in class and will also have access to special in-store discounts related to course material on the day of class!

Please provide a valid email address at the time of sign-up to ensure that you receive the most recent class information.

Registration Fee for this class is $10.00
(Class fee must be paid in advance in order to reserve a seat).

*No Show / Cancellation Policy: Due to the limited number of class participant spaces available, a refund of the class registration fee for cancellation requires 48-hour notice. No refunds will be given for no shows on the day of class. Thank you for your understanding!

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