The Plays Well Kit

This kit contains all of the products we recommend for complementing a Nectar for the Gods Regimen.  You probably don’t need all of this, but if you want it all, this a great way to get it all, and get some free stuff, too!

Includes a full-size version of all the trial-size products included in the Nectar for the Gods “Comprehensive Feeding Regimen Kit” plus a free full-size (4 oz) Mercenary (all natural insecticide), a trial-size bag of One Shot (all-in-one, dry, plant nutrients), and an “OCGFAM” grow tent sticker.

Kit Contents: 

Dr. Root (8 oz)
Trigger WP (8 oz)
EZ Tea: Veg (8 oz)
EZ Tea: Bloom (8 oz)
Big Foot: Granular (4 oz)
Big Foot: Concentrate (4 oz)
Photo Plus (Quart)
SLF-100 (Quart)
Fullon (8 oz)

Mercenary (4 oz)
One Shot Sample
OCGFAM Sticker


Click Here to download the OCGFAM Comprehensive Feeding Regimen...

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