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The Beard: Updates and Links supporting Scott Ostrander's Recovery

The Beard: Updates and Links supporting Scott Ostrander's Recovery

Scott Ostrander of Oregon's Only/Nectar for the Gods has suffered a serious injury and the repercussions are extensive. While clearing brush at his home over the weekend, he unknowingly snagged a fallen tree which spring loaded directly into his face, fracturing a great number of bones in his sinus area and skull. He was transported by ambulance to a trauma center in Portland, where he underwent a 6-hour surgery to piece him back together. After a few days in the ICU, he has been moved back to the trauma unit to begin what will be a lengthy and involved recovery process. It is a miracle that he is still with us.

To compound this tragedy, shortly before Scott's accident his health insurance provider cited a minor administrative billing discrepancy as reason to cancel his family's policy. He was in the process of trying to get it reinstated or a new policy in place when the accident happened. What this means is that Scott is completely without medical coverage for all of the expenses mounting around his injury and recovery and the situation could quickly become dire. 

When reflecting upon all of the times Scott has helped those in need both in this community and afar, the idea of his family being financially devastated is unbearable. We are calling upon this same wonderful community to help the Ostrander Family now.

***The Family here at OCG is already so overwhelmed by the support, prayers and good healing energy coming in from around the country for our fearless and precious leader. We will never have enough words to express our gratitude for everything you are doing to help us restore him to his ornery old self and get him back to us as quickly as possible.

Thank you, Fam.



If you are already planning or participating in fundraising efforts to assist in Scott's recovery and would like for those to be listed here, please contact us at

Updates will continue, but the following is the current list (that we know of) of family, friends, colleagues and just some amazing people who took it upon themselves to step up and try to help the Ostrander Family weather this event:

Bill Gabbard has set up a GoFundMe account:



Carl Gorca has invited those who wish to send
donations or gifts to mail those to:


Oregon's Constant Gardener
Code: Squatch
990 Garfield Street
Eugene, OR 97402


Checks Payable to: Scott Ostrander

Carl mentions that as a last resort, he can accept and pass on PayPal
donations through his account at:

Watch Carl's Facebook video message HERE



JULY 13 - UPDATE: Out of Surgery

From Ryan: "I wanted to take a chance to update you all on Scott's condition. He underwent surgery yesterday to repair over 50 broken bones in his face. He was in surgery for over 6 hours and is now in the ICU recovering. He was initially put on a ventilator to breath on his behalf, and after the first night, he was able to be taken off and now is able to breath on his own through a trache tube. He has his jaw wired shut to aid in recovery (and possibly because he has a tendency to speak his mind). The saddest news of all is that the beard had to be surgically removed to perform the operation and it took nearly 4 of the 6 hours just to remove it alone. It was rushed off via heli transport for further medical research.

He is now conscious and able to communicate via writing or head nods and thumbs up, down, and the classic middle finger, which he has used a few times. He is expected to make a full recovery in due time. We all need to keep our spirits high and our support strong. He is by far the toughest individual I know and am proud to call him family as you should as well. We all know how Scott would be, and has been there for us and so many others. This is now his time to get the support he needs and deserves.

This incident was a wake up call and was completely unexpected. I urge you all to appreciate those around you, not sweat the petty shit in life, and be safe, because life literally can slap the shit out of you in a blink of an eye.

Thank you all for your support and for being part of our family."


JULY 14 - UPDATE: Up and Moving

Scott is out of ICU and has been moved back to the trauma unit he was in before. He was able to remove the compression badges from his head today and although his jaw is still wired shut, and probably will be for some time, he is tolerating a liquid diet through a syringe and is able to drink through a straw. This morning Scott had a CT scan and they are giving him a smaller trache so that he can gradually progress out of it. There is a button he can push on his throat to close the trache a moment and attempt to speak a little. Morgen says that it was so wonderful to hear his voice!

The greatest news was that he was able to get up and walk with a therapist today. Even joked about racing other patients down the hallway! That is our Scott, without a doubt.

Hoping that the Ostrander and Stanley families have a more restful night tonight knowing that Scott is taking the first steps to coming home. Thank you again to everyone who is sending their support and love. They can definitely feel it!


JULY 15 - UPDATE: Amazing Progress!

From Ryan: "As many of you are wondering how Scott is doing, I wanted to give you a positive update on his condition. After surgery, he had his trache tube downsized to a smaller tube to get him used to breathing on his own without any assistance. As of yesterday, (Friday) he was able to drink fluids through a straw and able to keep things down. With the trache tube plugged, he was able to finally speak and actually conversate. He's getting pretty damn restless as he's not used to being helpless and immobile, however he was able to get up Friday afternoon for a short walk down the hallway as part of his physical therapy and still has his sense of humor as he challenged other patients to a race down the hall.

Since he was able to go a full 24 hours with the trache tube plugged up, and is able to breathe on his own, we're super excited to let you know his trache tube was removed today,(Saturday). He was also able to have his IV removed, as well as the annoying drainage bag for his skull. We're pretty sure not too much of his knowledge drained out along with everything else.

All of this is amazing progress and much quicker than expected. As a result, he is now looking at a potential release date for tomorrow!

We are all overwhelmed with the amazing support and outreach from everyone that is going above and beyond to help the newly shaven samsquatch. We know he wouldn't have ever asked for help but family is there for you when you really need it and we know Scott would do the same. We will update you more as his progress moves forward and hopefully he will be resting at home soon enough."


JULY 18 - UPDATE: Glad to be Home

From Bob: "Hey there, I’m sure everyone is anxious for an update on Scott. I got to see him for a short time today. He was in good spirits and looking better than I expected considering what he has been through.

Scott had surgery last Thursday to start the process of repairing the over 50 fractures in his face and nose. The surgery went well and he is recovering faster than expected, and because of his quicker than expected recovery, his doctors reluctantly released him on Saturday. At nearly $10,000 a day, not to mention the constant interruptions and discomforts of a hospital stay, Scott and Morgen felt they just couldn’t justify staying any longer than was absolutely necessary.

Scott is resting at home and getting better every day but is having a hard time sleeping and is very uncomfortable with the pain from his injuries and having his jaw wired shut.

This Friday, Scott will be starting the difficult and costly two-year process of surgeries and procedures to repair the damage he sustained.

Scott wanted me to let everyone know how very grateful he and Morgen are for the outpouring of good wishes from so many of you.

The best thing for Scott at this time is rest and recovery, so he may not be as available as he prides himself to be. Please honor his need for quiet and isolation so he can focus on getting better."


JULY 19 - UPDATE: From The Beard, Himself :)

From Scott: "Been home for a few days now with my healing team. Not out of the woods by no means, and will find out Friday what the next steps are going to be. I do want to say thank you all for the amazing support, the prayers, vibes,positive energy. The feeling is overwhelming. I will eventually reach out to everyone individually but first I need to heal. My vision is exhausted and screen time wears me out fast. So I try and get on a few times a day.

Thank you all for helping me lift up. Your messages keep me pushing forward. Once the trachea hole heals and I can talk again, you will be hearing from me."

JULY 22 - UPDATE: Follow-up Appointments

From Scott:
"First post operation appointment and things are going well. Many questions still waiting for the answers to present themselves but time will only tell as far as what sensations and what nerves come back. Yesterday they took out the tubes from my nose, all the staples holding my head together and everything is looking pretty good. Couple more weeks with the jaw being wired shut but that's probably a good thing. Had my first cup of coffee sense the 9th this morning and have to say that it wasn't as good being delivered through a syringe lol.

All in all I'm above ground, sun in my face and blessed to be surrounded by amazing souls like you all."


OCGFam had a very welcome visitor today! It was awesome to see Scott back in the store and chatting with guests after Newton's Green Room Live. Still a long way to go, but each day is one closer to being back to his old (and greatly missed) self.

The Ostrander Family and the OCG Family thank you for your continued good thoughts and hopes for Scott's complete recovery, and wish you a restful weekend with your families.


From Scott: "Thought I would send out a quick update. I am home and have been for the last two weeks spending some time healing and recovering from the initial surgery. The first couple of weeks have been surprisingly easy, As far as healing, but I am now starting to enter into the stage where the numbness is wearing off from all the surgery and the nerves are starting to find new connections and this is awakening a new level of pain. Although I am begining to look pretty normal again, internally I have never been so uncomfortable. The phantom itching in the face behind the numb lips and nose, the droopy right eye that sometimes focuses but more often then not, it just has a hard time catching up with the other eye. This creates some pretty intense headaches as my eyes are always trying to focus on shit. Because of this, screen time is rather difficult as I find that the back lit screens seem to vibrate and that effects my eye sight as well. Needless to say, a little frustrating.

So where we stand. Friday will be my second follow up appointment with the surgeons who put me back together. They will help to assess the damage to my orbital bones as well as determine what might be permanent and what is temporary. I am a little nervous about this appointment because it will generally give me the greater picture on how many follow up surgeries and procedures I will need to go through to return back to somewhat normal.

With all that has happened, and is happening, I mostly wanted to reach out to all of you that have reached out with support to say thank you. I can not even begin to explain and describe the emotions, feelings and love that I have gained from this experience. When I was in the hospital waiting for the surgery, sitting in the hospital bed, alone, bored, and blinded from tree that kicked my ass. No phone to look at, no computer to wok off of. I just had to sit there and pray. Pray to come out the other side of this. Pray that my family is ok and being taken care of. Pray that my doctors and surgeons knew what they were doing and give them the knowledge to do it right. Pray that the pain would simply subside and allow me to rest. And with all that praying, I swear I felt and heard your prayers. I could feel that the prayers and healing vibes being sent my way were actually getting me through this portion of the nightmare.

When we finally got into surgery, post op the surgeons made a comment to me that kind of made me think. One of them said that while I was under they were amazed at how insanely strong my vitals were. They were saying that it was like there were three of me inside my body fighting to survive. That my vitals were off the charts and strong as anything that they have seen while doing surgeries. I equate that to all the well wishes, thoughts, prayers vibes etc etc Basically all of your energy was directed to me and that helped me come out of this with flying colors.

So what is next? We will see. I have been trying to work from home this week, and have been doing small trips into the shops and warehouse to check in on the staff and special customer events. The healing process seems to be a big question right now. Some good days, some brutal. But I do not like to share the brutal ones, sense I really have nothing to complain about sense I am still breathing. LOL. I expect to be fully back at this all soon, I can guarantee that. I am just not sure exactly when.

And lastly I can not express enough gratitude for all those who have stepped up to help me and my family financially through this nightmare. As many know, we started our year with health insurance, but being that we are on auto pay from the company to cover all the payments, we were not really aware of the increase until we received a letter from our provider telling us that they dropped us. So needless to say, to wake up from surgery to find that some of you started go fund me accounts, auctions, giveaways, supporting me and my family was absolutely the most overwhelming thing to witness. I have never been on this side of such and amazingly giving group of people before. At first I was struggling with it, but am now starting to understand the importance to be able to receive. And to see how this community came together warms my heart. Thank you again for supporting the Beard and the family. It is overwhelming."



The family here at OCG is tremendously thankful for such an outpouring of love from the community and ask that all communications and inquiries continue to be routed through Oregon's Constant Gardener in the coming weeks. Scott has been through so much and has a long road ahead of him and we ask for you, our wonderful, generous friends, to respect the Ostrander Family's enormous need for rest.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything.


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