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Cultured Biologix, LLC is a company that is passionate at delivering the highest quality natural products that serve every growers’ microbial inoculants, fertilizers, and pesticides needs. Based out of the heart of Colorado, Cultured Biologix is a unique microbial fertilizer and organic pesticide company that utilizes new methodologies and growing technology to revolutionize the indoor and outdoor gardening industry. We bring heightened education and integrity to a lacking market as well as products that not only accelerate plant growth, but protect the plant from disease and insect pressure.

Our strategy incorporates the minimal use of bio-pesticides (consisting of oil- and terpene-based ingredients) with growth promoting ingredients (plant elicitors that naturally build resistance to pests) that promote a strong immunity system in the plant to eliminate the need and use of harmful, toxic pesticides. We believe natural medicine should be used internally and externally in the plant to achieve the cleanest crop possible.

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EZ TEA BLOOM : Instant Microbial Tea
EZ TEA VEG : Instant Microbial Tea
TRIGGER WP : Growth and Bloom Activator
DR. ROOT : Microbial Rooting Aid
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