MegaPhos is a high concentration of unique beneficial Bacillus bacteria. When applied to plants it will increase phosphorus uptake in some plants, thereby increasing yield, root vigor and top growth.

Active Ingredient: Bacillus megatherium HM87

This gram positive, rod-shaped, endospore-forming bacteria solubilizes phosphorus and makes it available to plants even in high calcium soils and produces metabolites beneficial to plant growth, yield and root production.

Directions For Use
MegaPhos can be used as a soil incorporation, seed treatment, soil application or foliar spray and can be tank-mixed with chemical and organic fertilizers as well as other biologicals. MegaPhos is formulated in a water-soluble powder and uses a proprietary blend of natural microbial enhancers to promote biofertility properties.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains high concentration of a unique beneficial strain of Bacillus
  • Solubilizes phosphorus normally unavailable to the plant
  • Can help cure phosphorus deficiency
  • Increases crop yield and production
  • Perfect rotational or tank mix partner
  • OMRI listed and CDFA organic certified

For Use On:
Agronomic Row Crops - Alfalfa Hay & Forage - Berry Crops - Citrus - Cucurbit Vegetables - Corn - Fruiting Vegetables - Grape - Herb, Spices & Mints - Leafy Vegetables - Legume & Vegetable Crops - Ornamental Crops & Turfgrass - Pome Fruit - Root Tuber & Bulb Crops - Small Grains - Stone Fruit - Tree Nuts - Tropical Fruits - Tobacco

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